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Is High Speed Internet Available In Rural America?

The answer is YES!  High Speed Internet is available to virtually anyone in the USA.

In areas where the population is rather dense, there are services like Cable, DSL & U-verse.  The population density
justifies the high cost of putting up the structure for these services. 
The fiber optics cable needed to bring High Speed Internet Services, as DSL for example, has costs of over $100,000 per mile.  Once these cables are installed and a new tower & control center is built, the services can only carry a radius of 2.5 to 3 miles, thus, the limitation of areas covered.

However, there are other options for areas with less population.  Satellite Internet is available EVERYWHERE there is a clear view of the southern sky. A clear view, as well as electrical outlets in an accessable location is all you need to bring High Speed Internet into your house where DSL, Cable & U-Verse cannot reach.

How many Satellite Companies are there?  A better question would be, how many satellite INTERNET Companies are there? The correct answer is TWO.  That would be HughesNet and Exceed ( Wild Blue).

Contrary to popular opinion, Dish TV & Direct TV are not Internet Service Providers (ISP's).  A dish that is designed to carry a TV signal cannot also carry Internet service signals.  They are two different technologies altogether.  The confusion comes from the joint advertising that TV providers do with Internet Companies.

Some areas also have agreements between Satellite TV providers and Satellite High Speed Internet Providers to bundle TV with Internet, however, it is still two different services, two different dishes & two different Companies.

There are different dealers within each Satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP), but, the service itself comes from either HughesNet ot Exceed.  My Company for instance; is an authorized Dealer for HughesNet.  If someone orders High Speed Satellite for rural areas from, they get HughesNet Service, which is the supplier.  The only reason for this is, I am a few billion short to launch my own satellite. :)

I get calls on a regular basis comparing my cost to Direct TV's Internet cost.  Many times the customer is confused when I tell them that we are speaking of the same company, same prices and that if they place the order with Direct TV, it goes to me since I am the dealer in the area.  If they call my Company, same dealer, same installer.  If they call HughesNet, it gets directed to me.  Therefore, the prices are the same, as required by HughesNet.

Many times confusion results from potential customers calling about ads that they receive on a TV satellite flyer.  Many times these calls go to a call center that specializes in the main business, TV, and has had brief training regarding the Satellite Internet Service.  The best bet is to go straight to the horses mouth, i.e., a Dealer as myself at or directly to HughesNet or Exceed respectively.  Internet is their business!

I hope this has answered some questions.  If you need more information you can contact me direct.

Thank You,

Rick Jones
10667 Business 21
Hillsboro, MO  63050

(888) YES-1232Connect