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Welcome ToDesoto Internet Service Provider. (
Our mission is to make your computer experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. 
We have made various online scanners as well as recommended software available to assist you in your computing venture.  Feel free to utilize any of these FREE scanners as needed.

We have also made additional security protection products available to help ensure your safety.  Take a look at the options for your protection and feel free to call me , or post on my blog, with any questions or comments, as well as any praise to :>).


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 Property has its duties as well as its rights.

— Thomas Drummond (1797-1840)

Your home computer is a popular target for intruders. Why? Because intruders want what you’ve stored there. They look for credit card numbers, bank account information, and anything else they can find. By stealing that information, intruders can use your money to buy themselves goods and services.

But it’s not just money-related information they’re after. Intruders also want your computer’s resources, meaning your hard disk space, your fast processor, and your Internet connection. They use these resources to attack other computers on the Internet. In fact, the more computers an intruder uses, the harder it is for law enforcement to figure out where the attack is really coming from. If intruders can’t be found, they can’t be stopped, and they can’t be prosecuted.

Why are intruders paying attention to home computers? Home computers are typically not very secure and are easy to break into. When combined with high-speed Internet connections that are always turned on, intruders can quickly find and then attack home computers. While intruders also attack home computers connected to the Internet through dial-in connections, high-speed connections (cable modems and DSL modems) are a favorite target.

No matter how a home computer is connected to the Internet, intruders’ attacks are often successful. Many home computer owners don’t realize that they need to pay attention to computer security. In the same way that you are responsible for having insurance when you drive a car, you need to also be responsible for your home computer’s security. This document explains how some parts of the Internet work and then describes tasks you can do to improve the security of your home computer system. The goal is to keep intruders and their programs off your computer.


What is Malware?

The name malware is short for ‘malicioussoftware’. Malware includes any software program that has been created to perform an unauthorised — and often harmful — action on a user’s device. Examples of malware include:

  • Computer viruses
  • Word and Excel macro viruses
  • Boot sector viruses
  • Script viruses — including batch, Windows shell, Java and others
  • Keyloggers
  • Password stealers
  • Backdoor Trojan viruses
  • Other Trojan viruses
  • Crimeware
  • Spyware
  • Adware... and many other types of malicious software programs