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High Speed Dial-up Service flirts with Broadband Territory

(with our accelerator) 


What Determines a Quality Internet Service Provider


Internet Service Providers (ISP's) must set up dial-up servers to accomodate their customer base.  There are a large variety of server options as well as a variety of configurations for the servers.  The ISP determines if they will invest in one or many servers.  Will they be small community servers or large commercial ones.  The lines that bring the Internet traffic into the ISP's are called T1 lines.  Each ISP must determine how many T1 lines they will bring in to each server. These servers require large amounts of memory and processor cycles in order to keep the bandwidth from becoming overloaded which will result in slower speeds.


Another investment decision must be made in addition to the equipment.  The traffic route can also have an effect on the connection speed and quality.  The traffic system is routed along what is called backbones.  Think of the backbones like a highway system that consists of all "toll" roads (like President Obama is considering). The largest backbones carry the most traffic and have the most bandwidth.  These are also the most expensive to "ride" on.  Each time an ISP moves down the hieararchy to  "ride" at a lower cost, the "ride" also takes longer to arrive and the ride will not be as "smooth" as the larger backbones. is one hop off many of the major internet backbones including MCI,Qwest, Level 3, ELI, the Seattle Internet Exchange. This means that going through DesotoISP.comfor your acceleration your customers will receive a better connection and faster acceleration. The servers that we use are of the highest quality allowing us to serve multiple countries.


High Speed Local Dial up Internet Service from includes:

  • Up to 450 hours per month (same as unlimited)*
  • Compatible with all Instant Messengers
  • FREE Parental Control
  • FREE Tech Support
  • FREE Security Tools
  • FREE Installation CD
  • V.92 Service (allows calls while online)*
  • NO busy signals
  • NO Getting "Bumped"
  • Pay with cash, check, debit or credit card,PayPal,Google Checkout


Start today with only $9.99 /month & a one time  a setup fee of $9



Tired of SLOW speeds of ordinary dial-up?     Fix it NOW!  Call: 636.789.9050 Today!'s  lightening fast High Speed Local Dialup Internet Service offers you the fastest Internet Connection available and with our accelerator you can reach speeds of 6 times faster or more than ordinary dial-up.

CALL to Get Connected NOW!  636.789.9050